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11 May

5 Benefits of Using a Proxy Server for Your Business

What is a Proxy Server & What are Its Main Functions?

Proxy servers are used to provide anonymity on the internet. They are used for browsing, sending emails, and for other activities.

There are two types of proxy servers: a forward proxy server and a reverse proxy server. A forward proxy server is typically used when a user wants to access content on the internet that is blocked in their region or country. A reverse proxy is typically used when an enterprise needs to protect its internal network from outside traffic.

1. Protect Sensitive Data

Data protection is an important concern for companies and individuals. It is a highly sensitive topic that should be protected at all costs.

Data can be encrypted to protect it from being accessed by unauthorized persons, but there are also other ways to protect data as well. For example, the data can be stored in …

24 Mar

Shower Door Walk Through with a Professional

Trying to find some shower doors in Morris county NJ, I was stuck with some insane options! I didn’t know what to look for or who to turn too. There was so many different styles that I wasn’t sure what be the best for me when picking out a shower door. I had a great guy guiding me through the process though and explained the benefits and the downfalls of many options.

One of the things that he taught me was to look for either glass or acrylic. Depending on what my life was like, chaotic or easy going, one might be better suited for me than the other one. I told him that I had kids and they are a little wild. Which that, he told me we should be looking for acrylic doors instead of any other option. Acrylic offers a level of forgiveness that glass doesn’t. …

07 Oct

Upgrade to the Glass Door

In my bathroom, there used to be a shower curtain hanging on a rod, which allowed me to bathe in privacy, but I wanted something a little better. I’ve seen many homes that have glass shower doors, and they always look better to me than the standard shower curtain. I assume that when the house was first built, it was done with a shower rod because it was cheaper to put in than a glass door. In order to fulfill my dream of having a glass shower door, I contacted to have one installed, because I knew nothing about installing glass doors, and any attempt to do my own installation would have either resulted in my own injury, or something breaking.

The company that I contacted was pleased to know that I wanted to have a glass door installed and were willing to work with me to make sure …